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Xbox One X - the most powerful Xbox One console on the market. Supports 4K, it costs and is even smaller than the Xbox One S. It allows you to display games in settings comparable to very powerful computers, at high frames per second.

Xbox Series S - a new generation console that, like the Xbox Series X, will have Ray Tracing support. XSS has no drive. Thanks to the NVMe disk, loading times on the console are significantly reduced compared to the previous generation of consoles.

Xbox Series X - currently the most powerful console from the Xbox family on the mar// It supports the gameplay in 4K and 120 frames per second, thanks to the NVMe disk the loading times on the consoles are significantly reduced compared to the previous generation of consoles.

The original controller for Xbox One (new) has a microUSB input and a headphone input for a typical mini-jack plug. The microUSB connector allows you to connect the controller via the cable, although all pads come with a set of batteries (two AA).

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect the pad to a computer with Windows without any special adapters / cables / dongs.

Xbox One also supports keyboards and mice, both wireless and USB connected. Not all games run on this build yet, but the supported titles include Fortnite, World of Warships, Warface, Warframe, Strange Brigade, and Vigor.

Contrary to what is generally accepted, there are games on the Xbox. Even a lot.

When you go to the "Games and Applications" page, you will see a breakdown into several groups. Installed games (with the ability to filter Xbox One only games, backwards compatible games or Xbox One X enhanced games), installed applications, memberships, installable games, updates, downloads. All games you have ever bought and those you can install from your subscriptions will appear in the "Games to install" tab.

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xbox free codes 2022

The Xbox One console is the successor to the popular Xbox 360. The older model, however, is still liked by game lovers, which is why they often face the dilemma of which one to choose. Before making a decision, it's worth knowing the specifications, advantages and important differences between the Xbox One and 360 console.
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what makes the Xbox 360 stand out
what are the advantages of the Xbox One console
what console to buy: Xbox One or 360
Whether Xbox 360 games are compatible with Xbox One
What makes the Xbox 360 console different?
Xbox 360
The Xbox 360 console was launched in Poland in 2006 and quickly gained popularity. It is equipped with a triple-core processor, 512 MB of RAM and a hard disk of 20 GB, 60 GB, 120 GB, 250 GB, 320 GB and 500 GB. It is equipped with a CD and DVD drive with the option to buy an external HD DVD drive. You can also buy accessories for the Xbox 360 console: guitar, Kinect motion controller, remote control, drums, microphone, steering wheel and skateboard.

The first two versions of the Xbox 360 console had a white housing. In the following years, newer models in black or glossy black were introduced to the market. They were:

Xbox 360 Elite,
Xbox 360 S 4GB,
Xbox 360 S,
Xbox 360 E,
Xbox 360 E 4GB.
Newer models of the Xbox 360 console have Wi-Fi built in so you can connect to Xbox Live for gaming with other players, download demos of the latest games, and by 2010 also full games.

What are the benefits of the Xbox One console?
The Xbox One console was launched in 2013. It is the third generation of video game devices manufactured by Microsoft. It is distinguished primarily by an eight-core processor and built-in RAM with a capacity of 8 GB. For this you can choose one of three hard drives: 500 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB. An HDMI input for transmitting digital video and audio is also standard on the Xbox One. Due to the very good parameters, this console is compared to a mid-range computer.

The Xbox One console also has additional non-video game features. Thanks to them, it is sometimes called an entertainment system that includes all home media devices. It is equipped with a web browser, Blu-ray player and instant messaging service that allows video calls with other users. You can play movies and music from popular services, as well as download sports events on your Xbox One console.

The Xbox One console has a modern and elegant design. There is only a disc socket and a power button on the front of the unit. However, all ports are placed on the back. There are also versions in the colors of the game, such as Xbox One X 1TB Limited Edition + Gears 5 Ultimate Edition + Gears of War collection. The controller is made of good quality plastic and connects to the console wirelessly. The prevailing opinion among users of the Xbox console is that it is very convenient, even when playing for a long time. Additionally, you can buy other accessories, e.g. a steering wheel.

Microsoft has released the Xbox One console in 3 versions:

Xbox One X (e.g. Xbox One X Gold Rush Special Edition Battlefield),
Xbox One S (e.g. Xbox One S 1TB + Forza Horizon 4 + Fortnite),
Xbox One S All Digital.
They differ in specification. Additionally, the Xbox S console has a white casing. Importantly, the All Digital version does not have an optical drive and all games are stored in the cloud.

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